The value of Shivrai coins is not just in their metal, 

but in the history and culture that they represent.

Lalit Bhatt
Lalit Bhatt

Shivrai coins are a series of historic coins that were issued during the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the founder of the Maratha Empire in India. These coins have played an important role in the history of Maharashtra and India.

Shivrai Hon - Coin minted on the coronation of Shivaji Maharaj as King
Shivrai Hon

The Shivrai coins were minted during the 17th century and were made of copper, silver, and gold. These coins were issued in various denominations, and each denomination had a unique design and inscriptions. The coins had inscriptions in Devanagari script.

Shivrai Hon, is a historic gold coin that was issued on the occasion of the coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It has  Shri Raja ShivaChhatrapati, in Devanagari, inscribed.

The copper version of it remained in wide circulation till the end of the 19th century. These coins were round in shape. They were valued at 1/74 to 1/180 of a rupee, the standard unit of currency in the Indian subcontinent at that time. 

The Shivrai coins were used as a means of trade and commerce during the Maratha Empire’s rule. These coins were widely used in Maharashtra and were also used in other parts of India. The coins were considered a symbol of Maratha power and autonomy and were used to pay tribute to Shivaji Maharaj and his legacy.

The Shivrai coins played an important role in the Maratha Empire’s economy. These coins were used to pay salaries to soldiers, government officials, and other personnel. They were also used to pay taxes and tribute to the Maratha Empire. The coins were widely accepted as a means of payment and were considered a reliable and valuable currency.

Today, Shivrai coins are highly valued by collectors and are considered a rare and significant piece of Indian history. The coins are featured in various works of literature and art.

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