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Artists are driven by a desire to create, to express themselves, and to connect with others through their work. They look for ways to push the boundaries of their medium, to explore new ideas, and to find an audience for their work.

Artists are human beings just like anyone else and they deserve to be compensated fairly for their work. As creators, they invest a significant amount of time, energy, and resources into their art, and they rely on sales of their work to make a living.

However, many artists struggle to make a living wage from their art, due to a number of factors such as limited opportunities, lack of recognition and exposure, and pricing challenges.

It is important to recognize that art is not just a luxury item, but a vital part of our culture and society. It reflects our history, our identity, and our values. Artists are the keepers and transmitters of culture, and they deserve to be compensated fairly for their contributions.

However that needs access to market and right kind if patrons. Thigma strives to bridge that gap.